Golden Buck Distillers Philippines is one of the pioneers of the world and first in Asia to produce banana vodka. Its creation is geared to be the banner bearer of true Filipino distillers and pride of the Compostelaneans, and help shape the future of the province through establishing its name and providing employment for its people and enjoy affordable alcoholic beverage with touch of class and pride. The distillery will be known not only in the province as locally consumed alcoholic beverage but also globally because of its distinct vodka quality and taste.


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Don Suarez and Julius Suarez created a trendy type of drink that would capture the specific market segment, — these are the people who value friendship, heritage and practicality. Coming from the best quality bananas that’s exported all over the world, Golden Buck extracted and distilled banana vodka to the highest standards to provide spirits at par with the global well-known distillers. Every vodka that goes out from our plant is guaranteed chemical free (including too commercialized alcohol extenders, food colors and flavoring).

firstimageFirst banana vodka

Try the Asia’s first banana vodka...

Sourced from the acclaimed producer of the sweetest and best banana in the world... Compostela Valley Province, Philippines.